About BDE Society

PDJ and BDE institutions have evolved into learning hubs of academic standard, creativity and discipline since 1907. We have always believed that learning is never confined to the classrooms, and have encouraged our students to learn from sports, activities, and performing arts to ensure that our kids inculcate and nurture leadership qualities along with self-discipline and ethical principles.

At our institutions we follow an analytical and objective curriculum that helps in better judgment and analysis of events and processes. Emphasis is given on scientific aspects because technology is the prime mover of society and economy in the modern world. 

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A Comprehensive Approach to Learning

At our educational institute we stress on all round development. Our learning is not just restricted to books and laboratories but extends to playgrounds and art classes. We feel it is equally important to instill the finer senses of living or the importance of good health in today’s world. We encourage our boys and girls to pursue sports, games, or different performing arts simultaneously with their academics.

We follow an innovative and comprehensive curriculum for our students wherein we aim not only on academic brilliance, but on developing citizens that might contribute meaningfully towards creating a happy and productive society. 

Separated by distance, united by values.

Located in the heart of Vijayapura, PDJ and BDE have up-and-coming
campuses and well-equipped infrastructures which ensures an amazing
experience for its students. The environment at both the institutions makes the
learners comfortable and provides a perfect ambience for continuous learning
and creative thinking.

To develop a student-centric institution where they can develop and apply the best practices in learning.

BDE school, Pre-University and Degree college are committed to providing a comprehensive education programme for its students, with an emphasis on the student’s overall development needs.

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    Best Learning Practices

    We aim at providing high-quality, all rounded and creative education to help our students in all walks of life.

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    Interdisciplinary model

    We combine different areas of study and lessons to strengthen creativity, analytical thinking, expression, and inquisitiveness. This model raises children to be thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

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    Focusing on student’s growth

    We focus on overall student growth, which goes much beyond the academic syllabus. We encourage our students to think and learn from their own creativity.

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BDE Primary School

BDE Higher Primary School, Near Uppali Bhurza, Vijayapura
E-mail Id : bdehps@gmail.com
Contact No : 9902234565

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BDE Girls High School

BDE Girls High School, Near Uppali Bhurza, Vijayapura
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Contact No : 9880709926

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BDE Girls PU College

BDE Girls PU College, Near Uppali Bhurza, Vijayapura
E-mail Id : bdespucbjp@gmail.com
Contact No : 08352-259180