Sport is an integral part of a child’s healthy growth and development. Apart from being a recreation, sports and games help in better development of students. Sports and games teach the values of adaptability, participation, and co-operation among children. It helps in building immunity and strength. 

At B.D.E.S every boy and girl is encouraged to participate in gaming activities. For inculcating a sporting mind we have elaborate arrangements for both indoor and outdoor games for our pupils.

Outdoor games

We have a huge playing field that is used for playing kho kho, cricket, and athletics. During summer and monsoons, kho kho is played, while cricket is played during winter season. Track and field events are held once a year for both girls and boys. Throughout the year inter class competitions are held to encourage physical activities among students. 

Indoor games

Equal importance is given to indoor games at our institute. Table tennis and badminton are played indoors. We also conduct yoga classes for our students.


Throughout the year competitions are held in various disciplines. Successful teams are awarded suitably with certificates and mementos. In individual gaming events, first, second and third candidates are awarded medals and certificates.   

Students are encouraged to participate in sports and games as they contribute to development of character and health.